Une deuxième Ovale par jour, en forme...


Ovale du samedi sera à la sauce Brasil ! Nouvel achat de notre ami Carlos !

I keep checking the DAS roon daily and then I saw your oval week. Well, maybe you will care to know that this is my new car (sorry for the crap pics!). This 55 was a CKD car built in Brazil. Color and rear lights probabaly have to do with the CKD mistery, but apart from that the car is is all original and totaly rust free. I found the car as part of an unloved but gorgeous collection of cool aircooled machinery. The owner aparently lost heart and decided to sell all the cars!!
The 55 is soon to receive the cal-look treatment!!!
Please send my best to all the DAS members and keep the good work!
All the best from Brazil,
ps : voilà qui est dit :)

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